Below are the Entries-to-Date for the June 3rd Derby X. Please check to make sure you have gotten all necessary items to me ASAP. If you don't see your name here, but think you should, please call Mari at 910-315-5800.


Entries-to-Date and Missing Items as of 5/30/2017

Rider                                    Stabling
Horse Level Release Coggins Missing Items
Kristyn Anderson Down Home Blues N Y Y Complete
Molly Ayers Honey Belle N Y Y Complete
Leslie Baldwin Speechless Mdn Y Y Complete
Kathy Bennett Apollo BN Y Y Complete
Maria Caplan Buckeye Bay N Y Y Complete
Jane DeMeulemester Red Tiger N Y Y Complete
Carrie Dimon High Powered T Y N Coggins/$75
Sarah Fox Ransom N Y Y $75
Christy Gavin Gunpwdr-n-Pb BN Y Y Complete
Hope Gregson T-Mac Mdn Y Y Complete
Hope Gregson T-Mac BN Y Y Complete
Jeanne Hobbs Beau du Marais P Y Y $75
Arianna Hoffman Hurricane Hamish N Y Y $75
Kelsey Hoiness Boom Boom Billy BN Y Y Complete
Blaine Holland Just Red BN Y Y Complete
Erica Howard Cabriolet N Y Y Complete
Melissa Hughes Mobile Express T Y Y Complete
Mary Hunter Monomoy BN Y Y Complete
Mary Hunter Paco Banbou BN Y Y Complete
Collette Leber The Gremlin BN Y Y Complete
Sheila MacLachlin Orion Mdn Y Y Complete
Susanne McDaniel Corelli T Y Y Complete
Chelsie Metzler Tiny BN Y Y $75
Chelsie Metzler Tiny N Y Y $75
Rebecca Neuffer Straight Talk Mdn Y Y Complete
Elena Perea B E Isabella BN Y Y Complete
Dylan Phillips Black Jack Mdn N Y Release
Amy Potts Southern Sass Mdn Y Y Complete
Lei Cluff Ryan My Silver heart P Y Y Complete
Andrea St. Hillaire Guinness N Y Y $75
Andrea St. Hillaire Guinness T Y Y $75
Renee Wheeler Special FX BN Y Y Complete
Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete