Parking is at Moor Meadow!  Check-in is at entrance to Moor Meadow.  Please have all missing items ready on arrival.  Must wear ASTM-approved helmet, XC vest, medical armband or bracelet. If you see a problem with your ride time, or have any questions, please call Sarah at 919-414-4492.  Please make sure to leave Moor Meadow cleaner than you found it!  Have a great ride!

Running Start Spring Horse Trial

Vass, NC

2/24/2018 to 2/24/2018

Ride Times (Subject to Change)

Revised: 02/22/2018 05:12 PM

Rider Name Horse Division Dressage Cross-Country Stadium
Allen, Shannon KD Mac BN-HT Sat 10:28 am Sat 11:52 am Sat 11:41 am
Alvord-Meyer, Rebekah Louie BN-HT Sat 11:10 am Sat 12:12 pm Sat 11:59 am
Baker, Sarah Neat Matakana T-CT Sat 08:30 am   Sat 09:26 am
Baker, Sarah Rodeo Clown BN-CT Sat 10:16 am   Sat 12:01 pm
Bendall, Jacky Catch Me If You Can BN-HT Sat 10:46 am Sat 12:02 pm Sat 11:51 am
Bennett, Molly Sky walker M-HT Sat 10:40 am Sat 12:39 pm Sat 12:29 pm
Birdsong, Carson Ballygrace Laralai N-HT Sat 08:12 am Sat 10:23 am Sat 10:13 am
Bovais, Erin Pepper No Salt DTC Sat 09:12 am    
Boyer, Morgan Silly Wabbitt T-HT Sat 08:06 am Sat 09:44 am Sat 09:34 am
Boyer, Morgan Mr. Steel Your Girl N-HT Sat 08:54 am Sat 10:57 am Sat 10:47 am
Boyer, Morgan Interactif Spy BN-HT Sat 10:22 am Sat 11:46 am Sat 11:37 am
Brown, Jessica Southern Cider GAG-HT Sat 11:35 am Sat 01:32 pm Sat 01:20 pm
Bruno, Claire Bugsy N-HT Sat 08:30 am Sat 10:25 am Sat 10:15 am
Bruno, Starr Pretzel BN-HT Sat 10:40 am Sat 11:58 am Sat 11:49 am
Bunce, Liza Chancellor N-HT Sat 09:24 am Sat 10:27 am Sat 10:17 am
Caplan, Maria Howie Gonnado This M-HT Sat 10:52 am Sat 12:41 pm Sat 12:31 pm
Cobb, Jennifer California Girl BN-HT Sat 09:24 am Sat 12:08 pm Sat 11:57 am
Cobb, Jennifer Cobblestone Creek GAG-HT Sat 11:16 am Sat 01:20 pm Sat 01:08 pm
Cunningham, Cheryl Wings N-HT Sat 08:36 am Sat 10:29 am Sat 10:19 am
DeKeyser, Anne Artemis BN-HT Sat 10:58 am Sat 12:04 pm Sat 11:53 am
DeMeulemester, Jane Red Tiger N-HT Sat 08:18 am Sat 10:31 am Sat 10:21 am
Del Vecchio, Karen Spot On M-HT Sat 11:04 am Sat 12:43 pm Sat 12:33 pm
Dempsey, Sarah Mr. Milton GAG-HT Sat 11:40 am Sat 01:28 pm Sat 01:16 pm
Dennis, Abigail AGS Tiger Lily BN-HT Sat 09:48 am Sat 11:42 am Sat 11:33 am
Ferrell, Kaitlyn Mischief Managed M-HT Sat 11:10 am Sat 12:45 pm Sat 12:35 pm
Field, Lexi Let's Lindy N-HT Sat 08:42 am Sat 10:33 am Sat 10:23 am
Geiger, Lara Benji Be Good N-CT Sat 08:54 am   Sat 10:35 am
Grimm Powell, Heidi Finntastic BN-HT Sat 09:18 am Sat 11:36 am Sat 11:23 am
Hardgrove, Phyllis Rock Party BN-HT Sat 10:34 am Sat 11:54 am Sat 11:45 am
Hilsman, Joan San Marco de Colon BN-CT Sat 09:54 am   Sat 12:03 pm
Hite, Erin Broken Arrow GAG-HT Sat 11:26 am Sat 01:24 pm Sat 01:12 pm
Howard, Joan C Me Go N-HT Sat 08:06 am Sat 10:21 am Sat 10:11 am
Howard, Joan Beaulieu's Casa Grande N-CT Sat 09:00 am   Sat 10:49 am
Hunter, Mary Epic N-HT Sat 09:00 am Sat 10:37 am Sat 10:27 am
Jones, Virginia Whinnie the Pooh BN-HT Sat 10:16 am Sat 11:48 am Sat 11:39 am
Kinney, Daryl* With Bells On M-HT Sat 10:22 am Sat 01:01 pm Sat 12:27 pm
Kinney, Daryl* Punch It M-HT Sat 11:16 am Sat 12:49 pm Sat 12:37 pm
Klear, Kallan Sir Henry GAG-HT Sat 11:21 am Sat 01:22 pm Sat 01:10 pm
Larson, Elisabeth Epic GAG-HT Sat 11:45 am Sat 01:30 pm Sat 01:18 pm
Leber, Colette Indian Summer Kaylee T-HT Sat 08:18 am Sat 09:42 am Sat 09:32 am
Lewis, Margaret Black Tie Affair N-HT Sat 09:12 am Sat 10:39 am Sat 10:29 am
Mahaffey , Rebecca George Thoroughly Good BN-HT Sat 09:54 am Sat 11:44 am Sat 11:35 am
Marrocco, Jenna Seattle Jones N-HT Sat 08:24 am Sat 10:41 am Sat 10:31 am
Martini, Alex De Firenzi M-HT Sat 10:34 am Sat 12:51 pm Sat 12:41 pm
McMerty, Lyell Easy Come Easy Go T-HT Sat 08:00 am Sat 09:54 am Sat 09:44 am
McMerty, Lyell Plumb Line N-HT Sat 08:48 am Sat 10:45 am Sat 10:33 am
Meyers, Lauren Pog Mahome BN-HT Sat 11:04 am Sat 12:06 pm Sat 11:55 am
Morales, Lucino Juanito M-HT Sat 11:22 am Sat 12:59 pm Sat 12:49 pm
Mountford, Marissa Minuet Stella M-HT Sat 10:58 am Sat 12:53 pm Sat 12:43 pm
Parker, Molly Momma's Little Secret N-HT Sat 09:30 am Sat 10:55 am Sat 10:45 am
Parker, Molly Secret Rendezvous GAG-HT Sat 11:50 am Sat 01:26 pm Sat 01:14 pm
Perea, Elena B E Isabella N-HT Sat 09:36 am Sat 10:47 am Sat 10:37 am
Seals, Jennifer Reverred Chic M-HT Sat 10:28 am Sat 12:55 pm Sat 12:45 pm
Simmons, Maya Gazelle Giselle BN-HT Sat 09:06 am Sat 12:00 pm Sat 11:21 am
Simmons, Maya Wicked Margaret BN-HT Sat 10:00 am Sat 12:10 pm Sat 11:31 am
Simmons, Maya Maizie May BN-HT Sat 10:52 am Sat 11:50 am Sat 11:43 am
Sloan, Shanna Quiproquo Des Vatys T-HT Sat 08:36 am Sat 09:48 am Sat 09:38 am
Swann, Becca Delmonico BN-HT Sat 09:30 am Sat 11:38 am Sat 11:27 am
Van Bokkelen, Alice Classic Skyline T-HT Sat 08:12 am Sat 09:40 am Sat 09:30 am
Warlick, Mary PhoneUlater BN-CT Sat 10:00 am   Sat 12:05 pm
Weston, Whitney ROR Quality Hopps N-HT Sat 09:18 am Sat 10:49 am Sat 10:39 am
Wheeler, Renee Special FX BN-HT Sat 09:42 am Sat 11:40 am Sat 11:29 am
Whetstone, Sydney CoverGirl N-HT Sat 08:00 am Sat 10:51 am Sat 10:41 am
Whetstone, Sydney Silk N' Sequins M-HT Sat 09:42 am Sat 12:57 pm Sat 12:47 pm
White, Olivia PL Lucky Valentine T-HT Sat 08:42 am Sat 09:50 am Sat 09:40 am
Williams, Baker Remington M-CT Sat 11:28 am   Sat 12:51 pm
Younce, Katie Clever Kona T-HT Sat 08:24 am Sat 09:46 am Sat 09:36 am