**Approximate Ride Times for October 28th Derby Cross**

***These Ride Times are tentative.  There will be a water tank near the shed by the show jump field, and a hose down by the run-in shed in the Mares' Field. There is also a hose in the well house which you may use to hose your horse if you wish, but PLEASE make sure to turn it off inside the well when you are finished (you'll need a helper to do this)--if you prefer to wash your horse at the trailer, bring water from home, we will not have a tank there!***                                   ***Please leave Moor Meadow as clean (or cleaner) than you found it!  Without the kindness of the Walthour-Moss Foundation, in allowing us to use Moor Meadow for parking, we would be unable to continue to hold these competitions, so make sure  to take your hay, shavings and trash with you.***                                                               

Approximate Ride Times

Rider  Horse Level Time
Maiden Division      
John Tyson Jack Reacher Mdn 10:00am
Leslie Baldwin Speechless Mdn 10:06am
Priscilla Sabol Archie Mdn 10:12am
Gwen Dean Hufflepuff Mdn 10:18am
Beginner Novice Division      
Lucino Morales Juanito BN 10:24am
Kathy Bennett Apollo BN 10:30am
Whitney Weston ROR Quality Hopps BN 10:36am
Claire Legrand Earl BN 10:42am
Course Change-10 minutes      
Novice Division      
Joan Howard Casa Grande N 10:56am
Jane DeMeulemester Red Tiger N 11:02am
Karen McCollom Sam or Pippa N 11:08am
Lucino Morales Maple N 11:14am
Allison Sandifer Uptoheavnnbakagain N 11:20am
Claire Bruno Bugsy N 11:26am
Audrey Wiggins Oliver N 11:32am
Course Change --5 minutes      
Training Division      
Campbell Jourdian Mazzie T 11:41am
Izzy Maset Pet T 11:47am
Molly Ayers Honey Bella Pepper T 11:53am
Course Change--5 minutes      
Preliminary Division      
Jeanne Hobbs Beau du Marais P 12 noon