**Approximate Ride Times for September 30th Horse Trial **

These Ride Times are tentative.  There will be water up at Moor Meadow (for watering your horse, not for bathing). There WILL be a hose down near the run-in shed in the Start Box Field (Mares' Field) for washing your horse, as well as a water tank for drinking--please don't overuse the water in Moor Meadow--if you prefer to wash your horse at the trailer, bring water from home!  ***Please leave Moor Meadow as clean (or cleaner) than you found it!  Without the kindness of the Walthour-Moss Foundation, in allowing us to use Moor Meadow for parking, we would be unable to continue to hold these competitions, so make sure  to take your hay, shavings and trash with you.***

Approximate Ride Times

Running Start Horse Trial 2017

Vass, NC

9/30/2017 to 9/30/2017

Ride Times (Subject to Change)

Revised: 09/27/2017 05:38 PM

Rider Name Horse Division Dressage Cross-Country Stadium
Aboody, Elizabeth Pepper No Salt GAG-HT Sat 12:15 pm Sat 01:17 pm Sat 01:10 pm
Ayers, Molly Honey BellaPepper N-HT Sat 10:00 am Sat 11:11 am Sat 11:01 am
Backus, Chloe Ragged Spec SJ     Sat 12:47 pm
Baker, Adele Kinsale's Diamond Lad BN-HT Sat 11:28 am Sat 12:10 pm Sat 12:01 pm
Bennett, Kathy Apollo BN-HT Sat 11:16 am Sat 11:56 am Sat 11:45 am
Bruno, Mazarine Brighid Charity RSH N-HT Sat 09:24 am Sat 11:01 am Sat 10:51 am
Bruno, Zoe Joropo N-HT Sat 09:42 am Sat 11:05 am Sat 10:55 am
DeMeulemester, Jane Red Tiger N-HT Sat 09:30 am Sat 11:03 am Sat 10:53 am
Djordjevic , Ashley Mio M-HT Sat 11:52 am Sat 12:50 pm Sat 12:43 pm
Eno, Maud Just Charlie BN-HT Sat 10:34 am Sat 11:50 am Sat 11:39 am
Gillis, Britt Gentleman Jack BN-CT Sat 11:22 am   Sat 11:59 am
Hilsman, Joan San Marco de Colon M-HT Sat 12:04 pm Sat 12:56 pm Sat 12:49 pm
Holland, Blaine Just Red BN-HT Sat 10:40 am Sat 11:52 am Sat 11:41 am
Hunter, Mary Epic N-HT Sat 09:06 am Sat 10:53 am Sat 10:43 am
Hunter, Mary Monomoy N-HT Sat 10:06 am Sat 11:15 am Sat 11:05 am
Jurgens, Rachel Manix N-HT Sat 09:18 am Sat 10:59 am Sat 10:49 am
Leber, Colette Indian Summer Kaylee T-CT Sat 08:30 am   Sat 09:51 am
Leber, Colette The Gremlin BN-HT Sat 10:52 am Sat 12:06 pm Sat 11:55 am
Mahaffey , Rebecca  George Thoroughly Good  N-HT Sat 09:48 am Sat 11:07 am Sat 10:57 am
McDaniel, Susanne Corelli  T-CT Sat 08:36 am   Sat 09:55 am
McMerty, Sarah Easy Come Easy Go T-HT Sat 08:00 am Sat 10:21 am Sat 09:45 am
McMerty, Sarah Plumb Line T-HT Sat 08:48 am Sat 10:07 am Sat 09:59 am
McNeill, Kendall Half Pint T-HT Sat 08:06 am Sat 10:23 am Sat 09:47 am
McNeill, Kendall Ignition T-HT Sat 08:54 am Sat 10:09 am Sat 10:01 am
Messinger, Geri Lady Liz BN-HT Sat 10:28 am Sat 11:46 am Sat 11:37 am
Morales, Lucino Maple BN-HT Sat 09:36 am Sat 12:12 pm Sat 11:49 am
Morales, Lucino Juanito BN-HT Sat 10:22 am Sat 12:04 pm Sat 11:57 am
Morales, Lucino American Royal M-HT Sat 10:58 am Sat 12:58 pm Sat 12:33 pm
Morales, Lucino Maximus M-HT Sat 11:34 am Sat 12:46 pm Sat 12:39 pm
Morris, Samantha Centrifical Force T-HT Sat 08:12 am Sat 10:05 am Sat 09:49 am
Perea, Elena B E Isabella N-HT Sat 09:12 am Sat 10:55 am Sat 10:45 am
Philipps, Dylan Black Jack M-HT Sat 11:40 am Sat 12:42 pm Sat 12:35 pm
Riportella, Holly invisible touch N-HT Sat 09:54 am Sat 11:09 am Sat 10:59 am
Schneider, Kathy Outrageous Adventure BN-HT Sat 10:46 am Sat 11:54 am Sat 11:43 am
Stroud, Karen Stonington Blue M-HT Sat 11:58 am Sat 12:52 pm Sat 12:45 pm
Verhoeven, Rose Heart Beep BN-HT Sat 11:10 am Sat 12:02 pm Sat 11:53 am
Warren, Amy Ramblin' Rosie BN-HT Sat 11:04 am Sat 11:58 am Sat 11:47 am
Warren, Don Slew Baby M-HT Sat 11:46 am Sat 12:44 pm Sat 12:37 pm
Wellborn, Elizabeth The Highway Man GAG-HT Sat 12:10 pm Sat 01:19 pm Sat 01:08 pm
Wiggins, Audrey Spookhill At Last T-CT Sat 08:24 am   Sat 09:53 am