Dressage starts at 8:52am.  Show Jumping begins at 10am. My computer wouldn't put ride times up, but Margaret sent times to all riders.

Welcome to the website for the Running Start Horse Trials.     

We, as Eventers, really need to support the Walthour Moss Foundation--with our labor, and with our dollars!!! There wouldn't BE a "Horse Country" here if not for the WMF.  (There also wouldn't be any competitions here at Mari Secrist's Farm--now known as "Moonslip Farm"--if we couldn't use Moor Meadow for parking).  So please, make sure you leave Moor Meadow cleaner than you found it, and also consider sending a check to the Foundation today!!!

As always, we want to PROFUSELY thank our fantastic volunteers, who come out here year after year--no matter what the weather--to enable us to hold this competition in the first place...and, they do it with a smile! THANK YOU!!!!

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Division Awards from Banixx (Sample only)

Please, if you have any landscaping needs, give Tim a call at Th' Farm Nursery (910-723-0063).  Tim has very graciously given us the use of all the beautiful trees you've seen for the past 7 years--around Show Jumping and Cross Country.  He has a lot more varieties of EVERYTHING from which to choose, and is EXTREMELY reasonable!