Do NOT use Lakebay Rd driveway (we have sold that property). Farm address is 729 Furr Rd, Vass, NC 28394. Parking is in Moor Meadow, as always, and you should come to the shed at Mari's, so Margaret can check you in.  Please have missing items ready when you get here.  Most of the footing is great, but please be mindful of the fact that we've had a lot of rain lately; so, if you see that you're tearing it to shreds...kindly move on.  Thanks, and have a great school!

ATTENTION! If you havent been here before, and are using GPS to find us....Us the address for Moor Meadow, which is 733 Furr Rd, Vass, NC 28394.  If you use 729, GPS will take you to my old address at 3000 Lakbay Rd.