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*****Saturday, August 27th, 2016 Derby Cross*****

*****Course Maps are finally up, and courses may be walked from 10am on.  Please park near the shed where the secretary's trailer usually is, and walk down to the Mares' Field.  All courses leave from the upper start box.  I have added black flag options whever I thought they might be needed, but please let me know if you are overly worried about any given fence--(of course, I'll just call you names and laugh at you...). If you don't see me around, you may text me at 910-315-5800.*****


Derby Cross Entry Form-August 2016.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [161.5 KB]
Secrist Liability Release.pdf
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*****Fill out and email (or bring to farm by Saturday, the 20th of August 2016) the above 2 documents, as well as your 12-month negative Coggins and payment.  You may ride at one or more levels, and more than once at any given level, but only the first round at each level will count toward awards.  All courses will be a combination of XC and Show Jumps, and each round will be timed (at a speed very slightly faster than SJ speed), with one penalty point awarded per second over Optimum Time.  There will be between 15-20 jumps per course.  We'll being running Maiden upward to Preliminary, with course changes between levels (only Show Jump heights), beginning at 8am.  A knockdown or 1st refusal at a show jump will incur 5 penalties, 2nd refusal at same jump will incur 10 penalties, and a refusal at a XC fence, will incur 10 penalties, then 20 for a 2nd refusal at same fence.   3 refusals at any one fence, or 6 total refusals on the course, will result in elimination.  Hope this is as fun as I think it will be!!!  Spectators welcome!*****

Our Fall Horse Trial is set for September 24th, 2016.  Opening Day for the horse trial is August 27th.  You may bring your horse trial entries with you to the Derby Cross!  Any changes to your entry that you feel you might need to make, will not incur a 'change' fee until after Closing Day, September 17th.  As always, we want to PROFUSELY thank our fantastic volunteers, who come out here year after year--no matter what the weather--to enable us to hold this competition in the first place...and, they do it with a smile! THANK YOU!!!!


John and Christi Snyder of High Times Photogaphy will be shooting the Fall Horse Trial again this year.


We truly cannot thank our sponsors enough.  Moore Equine Feed and Supply  and Cabin Branch Tack have generously sponsored us since our first horse trial in 2012, and we know that our competitors value their support as much as we do!                                      

                                          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                        ***Photos from the 2016 Spring Horse Trial can be found on Brant Gamma's website www.brantgamma.exposuremanager.com***  Photos from the 2015 Fall trial can be seen on the High Time Photography website, and there are MANY beautiful shots!   www.hightimephotos.com***


Division Awards from Banixx (Sample only)

Please, if you have any landscaping needs, give Tim a call at Th' Farm Nursery (910-723-0063).  Tim has very graciously given us the use of all the beautiful trees you've seen for the past 4-1/2 years--around Show Jumping and Cross Country.  He has a lot more varieties of EVERYTHING from which to choose, and is EXTREMELY reasonable!

Eric Smiley Clinic

There will not be an Eric Smiley Clinic this Fall, but hoping to have him back in the Spring...