OCTOBER 8TH,2022 CT and XCSD Entry Forms are up.

Welcome to the website for the Running Start Horse Trials.     

We, as Eventers, really need to support the Walthour Moss Foundation--with our labor, and with our dollars!!! There wouldn't BE a "Horse Country" here if not for the WMF.  (There also wouldn't be any competitions here at Mari Secrist's Farm--now known as "Moonslip Farm"--if we couldn't use Moor Meadow for parking).  So please, make sure you leave Moor Meadow cleaner than you found it, and also consider sending a check to the Foundation today!!!

As always, we want to PROFUSELY thank our fantastic volunteers, who come out here year after year--no matter what the weather--to enable us to hold this competition in the first place...and, they do it with a smile! THANK YOU!!!!

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Division Awards from Banixx (Sample only)

Please, if you have any landscaping needs, give Tim a call at Th' Farm Nursery (910-723-0063).  Tim has very graciously given us the use of all the beautiful trees you've seen for the past 7 years--around Show Jumping and Cross Country.  He has a lot more varieties of EVERYTHING from which to choose, and is EXTREMELY reasonable!